Rival Blackjack

Rival Blackjack is one of the newest to the online software game developers. This type of blackjack is developed by Rival who were founded in 2006. Although they are fairly new they already managed to get a position among the top software providers within the online casino business. They have a good offer of casino games and different types of Rival Blackjack.

Rival blackjack

Who is Rival

Founded in 2006 Rival is a casino software developer that has already become very popular among the online casinos. They offer the online casino market a unique concept and they are a market leader in relation to the online slot games that offer a special bonus game. I-slots is the name of the unique concept and it is very popular among the online slot players. The selection of slots they offer is huge and it comes with a lot of different themes and amazing bonus levels with exciting hidden features and fantastic jackpots.
As you can see Rival is specialized in slot games but that is fortunately not all they offer. Their range of casino games includes of course different types of blackjack but also roulette, online casino poker, video poker, Keno, baccarat, craps, etc.
Rival software is compatible with Windows but also for Mac. This is great because in general casino gaming software is only available to Window users but Rival succeeded in developing a version that is also available to Mac users.

Advantages of Rival Blackjack

Rival blackjack offers you a lot of extra game features which makes Rival one of the most user-friendly software there is. These feature include for example a real time player history in which you can check you wager and gaming history. There is also a feature which will make it easy to switch between promotions and transactions. Or check out the VIP system that detects how often you play an what game category you play in.
Rival blackjack is very safe to play as Rival uses the latest technologies when it comes to encryption. They use the best SSL technology which protects your data against fraud and misuse.
Rival Blackjack is very easy to play, especially because of the clear and bright graphics. The game play is easy to understand but in the case you want to practice first you can always try the free version first. Any Rival casino will offer a free Rival Blackjack so you have the opportunity to get to know the game and the rules before you start playing for real money.
Security is never a problem when playing Rival Blackjack. The designers of Rival have put together a so called Watchdog system. This system operates to the highest levels of performance. You will not be bothered with identity theft, fraud and data mining when playing Rival Blackjack.