Blackjack Double Exposure

Blackjack Double exposure is one of the numerous variations to Classic Blackjack. It can also be called ‘Dealer Disclosure’,‘Face up 21′or ‘Zweikartenspiel’.
The main difference is that with Blackjack Double Exposure the dealer plays his cards face up. This has some great advantages for you as a player as you can see the cards of the dealer and base your strategy on that. You would think that the house edge would also be lower with this rule but unfortunately they invented a rule to prevent that..

Blackjack Double Exposure Netent

How to play Blackjack Double Exposure

Blackjack Double exposure also starts with placing the bets and dealing the cards. Each player will receive two cards face up but now the dealer will also receive two cards face up. You can now see the cards of the dealer and base your next move on that. If you have natural blackjack (an Ace and a 10 valued card) you will win. Unless the dealer has a natural to. Then it is called a tie and you will receive your bet back. With blackjack double exposure a tie will not automatically give you your money back. Only in the case of a natural you will receive your bet back, all other forms of a tie will be won by the dealer. With this rule they make up for the lower house edge which arises with the exposure of the dealer cards.
When nobody has a natural or 21 points the game will continue and you can decide whether you hit another card, stand (no cards any more), double down or split(see the page Classic Blackjack for an overview of all definitions). Blackjack double exposure will only let you split once but this can vary per online casino. There is not the possibility to make an insurance bet at blackjack double exposure as the dealer does not have a hole card.
When all players are satisfied with the cards in their hands the turn is to the dealer. If the hand of the dealer is less than 17 he hits another card. In the case it is a soft 17 the rules vary form one casino to the other but usually a dealer will stand or hit with a soft 17.
Once the dealer is finished his hand will be compared with all players hands. If you beat the dealer you will win if not you will lose your bet.

Rules in short

  • Both the cards of the dealer are exposed right from the beginning
  • The dealer will win all ties except when it concerns a natural blackjack
  • A blackjack by a player will pay even money instead of 2:1 or 6:5 in a lot of other blackjack types

The following rules can vary per online casino:

  • The dealer will hit or stand at a soft 17
  • A tied blackjack will either push or will go to the player
  • After a split a player may or may not double down
  • A player may double on any of the first two cards or not
  • The player can only split once

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Blackjack double exposure is a very favourite variant of blackjack because the cards of the dealer are shown which will take a lot of guessing out of the game. It can be a lot easier to decide if you stand or hit, especially when the hand of the dealer is worth 17 or more. For example when you are holding a hand worth 18 and the dealer’s hand is 20 the only option you have is to hit. Although your chances to win in this case are very slim you will definitely lose if you stand.
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