Caribbean 21 Blackjack

Caribbean 21 Blackjack is a more complex variant of Classic Blackjack. The object of Caribbean 21 blackjack is still to get 21 points or as close as possible to 21, without going over the 21 points. It looks a lot like the basic blackjack but there are some clear differences. Once you understand these differences you will have a good idea of Caribbean 21 blackjack, and will see that it is fun to play. On this page we will discuss these differences.

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How to play Caribbean 21 Blackjack

Each online casino might use different software and therefore the rules of Caribbean 21 blackjack can be different for each online casino. So make sure that you become familiar with the standard rules that we discuss here and always read the rules of the online casino of your choice.
In Caribbean 21 Blackjack 8 decks of 52 cards are being used. All the card values are the same as in Classic Blackjack with one big exception: the Ace will only count as 1, it is a hard Ace.
The game will begin when the players makes the initial bet, he or she will then be dealt two cards which are face up. The dealer will only receive one card which is also face up, there is no hole card at Caribbean 21 blackjack. First the player has to decide what he/she will do. You can do the same as in classic blackjack: hit, stand, split or double. The player is allowed to double at any time with two or more cards. There is also the possibility to double or redouble after a split. A split can be done on any two of the same cards and also after a previous split. Aces are seen as only one value and therefore they are treated the same as any other card so you can also split these without consequences.
You also have the option to surrender at any time during the round, you will loose half of your bet.
When you are finished with your hand the dealer will receive a second card. Based on the outcome of that second card the outcome of the game is determined.
The highest possible hand that you can get at Caribbean 21 blackjack is a Caribbean 21. This consists of an Ace and two 10 valued cards. A Caribbean 21 is ranked higher than any other 21 point hand.

Specifications of Caribbean 21 blackjack

Caribbean 21 blackjack has some other rules than the standard blackjack. Always check out the rules on the website of the online casino that you want to play because the rules of Caribbean 21 can differ per online casino. Below we will list some of the most standard specifications of Caribbean 21 blackjack.

  • An ace is counted as a hard card and never as a soft card, therefore the Ace will only count as 1 point at Caribbean 21 blackjack.
  • The highest hand possible is a Caribbean 21 and consists of an Ace and two 10-valued cards. It will pay out 3:2.
  • Surrendering can be done at any moment.
  • You can split any two of the same cards.
  • Doubling is allowed at any time with either two or more hands. After a split it is also allowed to double or redouble. Splitting Aces has no consequences.
  • There is no hole card as the dealers cards are also dealt face up.
  • The dealer will win all ties.
  • When the dealers first card is an Ace you can buy insurance. The payout in insurance is 9:1.