Face Up 21 Blackjack

In the case you would like to see the cards of the dealer as well as your own cards you should definitely try out Face up 21 blackjack. Seeing the dealers first two cards will put you in a much better position. Face up 21 blackjack is also known as Blackjack Double Exposure or Dealers Disclosure. As the name already tells you can see the two face up cards of the dealer.

Faceup 21 blackjack RTG

How to play Face up 21 blackjack

Face up 21 blackjack is usually being played with 8 decks of cards but this can differ per online casino. On the other hand the higher number of decks the higher the house edge will be. So always try the online casino with the lowest number of decks.
The play starts with you placing a bet and then the dealer will deal the cards. You and the dealer will receive two cards face up. Now that you can see the cards of the dealer you can base your strategy on that. If both of you have a natural (an Ace and a ten valued card) it is called a tie and you will receive your bet back. This is the only occasion in Face up 21 blackjack that you will receive your bet back, all other Ties will always go to the dealer.
In the case none of you has a natural blackjack the game will continue. You can choose to hit another card, stand (do not hit another card), split your cards (in case you would have two of the same valued cards) or double. You also have the option to surrender in the case you might not like your hand. But be careful with surrendering as it is not always the best strategy.
When you are finished with your hand the turn is to the dealer. The dealer has some rules as well. The dealer has to hit on any hard 16 or less then that and also on a soft 17 or less. The dealer has to stand on a hard 17 or soft 18 or more. When the dealer is finished with his/her hand the outcome of the game is clear and you will win or loose.

Specifications of Face up 21 blackjack

The basic rules of face up 21 blackjack are the same as Classic Blackjack but there are some differences.Below you will find a list of the most important differences that are applicable to Face up 21 blackjack. Do keep in mind that some of the rules can vary per online casino. Therefore always check out the rules at the online casino too.

  • Face up 21 blackjack is played with 8 decks of cards.
  • The dealers cards are also face up.
  • You may Surrender.
  • You can split any two cards with the same value. You do need to place an additional bet on your second hand. You can split up to a maximum of two hands.
  • You may double down on any 9, 10 or 11 and you can also double after a split.
  • A blackjack pays out even money.
  • You can buy insurance; a winning insurance bet pays out 2:1.
  • The dealer will stand on a hard 17 and on a soft 18 or more.
  • The dealer will hit on a hard 16 or less and on a soft 17 or less.
  • Except for a natural blackjack the dealer will win all ties.