Progressive Blackjack

You can win a lot of money with Progressive blackjack. This game of blackjack is played by the basic rules but has the extra progressive jackpot which you can win. This progressive jackpot rises with each bet that is placed. This means that a progressive jackpot can rise to very high amounts of money.

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How to play Progressive blackjack

Progressive Blackjack is played by the rules of theClassic Blackjack only at progressive blackjack they use 6 decks of cards. The aim of the game is of course to get a total of 21 or as close as possible to 21 with the cards on your hand. In the case you exceed the 21 you are busted and loose. The card values are as follows: Ace counts as 1 or 11, number cards have their own value and the face cards all are worth 10 points.

The players have the option to place a side bet at progressive blackjack. With that side bet you have the chance to win a huge progressive jackpot that has a minimum value of 50.000x side bet.
You can usually bet from £/€/$1 up to a max of £/€/$300 per hand, but this can differ per online casino.
The play begins when you have placed your bet and your additional side bet. You will de dealt two cards face up and the dealer will get two cards, one face up and one face down. The dealer may check for blackjack in the case his face up card is and Ace or a ten-valued card. In the case you do not have a natural blackjack you can choose to hit, stand, split or double. (check the definitions on the page Classic Blackjack. With Progressive Blackjack you may only split once. When you are finished with your hand the dealer will reveal his face down card. The outcome of the cards of the dealer are compared with your cards and depending on that you will win or loose.

Progressive blackjack can also be played in a multihand mode. You can play this multihand progressive blackjack with a maximum of 5 hands at a time. You can choose whether to play 1,2,3,4 or 5 hands and play with different bets per hand. Playing multihand progressive blackjack will enhance your winning chances even more.

Progressive jackpot

The progressive jackpot at progressive blackjack is built up by all casinos that power the game. Of each person that plays progressive jackpot that is powered by the same software provider, a part of the bet will go into the progressive jackpot. When a player playing progressive blackjack wins the progressive jackpot a new jackpot will be started. This new progressive jackpot has usually a basic amount so it will never start at zero. This means that when you hit the progressive jackpot right after someone else won the jackpot you will still get a great amount of money.
Each time you have a winning combination from the Progressive paytable you will receive an extra payout. You can win the progressive jackpot when you have 4 consecutive Aces of the same suit and starting from the first card in the hand.

Progressive paytable at Progressive Blackjack

The progressive paytable is as follows:
4 Suited Aces pay the progressive jackpot
3 Suited Aces pay 5000:1
4 Aces pay 2500:1
3 Aces pay 250:1
2 Suited Aces pay 100:1
2 Aces pay 50:1
1 Ace pays 5:1

Progressive blackjack rules in short

The rules of progressive blackjack are almost the same as basic blackjack rules. There are some minor differences:

  • The deck of cards is shuffled after each hand
  • A player is only allowed to split once
  • To split a pair of Aces one card is drawn
  • After splitting a player may double
  • If the dealer has an Ace or 10 valued card he may check for blackjack
  • 6 decks of cards are used
  • The dealer will stand on soft 17
  • There is the optional progressive side bet

There are several online casinos that offer progressive blackjack. We made a selection of fantastic and very safe online casinos that offer progressive blackjack. On the left side of this page you will see banners of Titan casino,, William Hill and Eurogrand. at these online casinos it is possible to play progressive blackjack.